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Welcome to Stichting AQTO

Stichting AQTO was founded on 28 April 2015 at the initiative of the Holland Quaestor trade association.

AQTO’s objectives are:

  • To increase professionalism in the trust sector and at trust offices
  • To provide an objective guarantee of quality
  • To increase the sector’s credibility among stakeholders
  • To make people aware of the structural changes to the sector

The CTC Quality Mark (Certified Trustworthy Company) is an important instrument in achieving these objectives and contributes to the further development of an internalised, ethical culture among Holland Quaestor members.

CTC Quality Mark

The CTC Quality Mark Criteria have been laid down in the quality mark document. The basic principle is formed by the Quality Mark House, which has been elaborated using the core values and the Holland Quaestor code of conduct. 

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Stichting AQTO was created in order to contribute to the development of an internalised, ethical culture at trust offices that are members of Holland Quaestor. The CTC Quality Mark is an important instrument to this end. Over the next few months, the focus will be on continuing to develop the quality mark and on updating the register.

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The latest news
Annual Report 2015 Stichting AQTO
May 02 2016

The 2015 Annual Report of Stichting AQTO is online! The 2015 Annual Report provides a picture of the certification activities of the foundation on behalf of the members of Holland Quaestor, the sector association of Trust Offices in the Netherlands. The Board of Stichting AQTO renders account by means of this Annual Report for the policy of Stichting AQTO, which is focused on further development of an internalised ethical culture in the trust sector.

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Evaluation of the first year of the CTC Quality Mark
April 13 2016

The first year of the CTC Quality Mark will be evaluated in the second quarter of 2016. Both internal and external stakeholders will be involved in the evaluation. Evaluating the CTC Quality Mark will enable it to remain a dynamic instrument aligned with societal developments.

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Presentation of CTC Quality Marks
April 04 2016

On Monday 4 April 2016, the AQTO Foundation organised a festive gathering for Holland Quaestor members. This gathering was devoted to the theme ‘Trustworthy’, and the first certificates were awarded to the trust offices that had achieved the CTC label.

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